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Electives, PE, and Others


Please check your Google Classrooms every day before doing your homework. They contain pacing, homework, quizzes, and helpful printable sheets.

If there is no Google Classroom for your course, your teacher will provide you with a syllabus and a weekly assignment sheet.

Please contact your teacher if you have any questions.


To get PE credit, you are required to complete 3.5 hours of Physical activity a week. Please record your hours and what activity you did in the PE log and have a parent or guardian initial it. Hand the PE log to your teacher at the end of each grading period.

You are also required to find an health article from a reliable source every week and to write a summary paragraph and a commentary paragraph. Please either print the article or provide an url address.

To get music credit, you are required to do 5 hours a week (practice, concerts, composition...)

For both PE and Music, you may print the following Log or you can ask your teacher for a copy.